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  1. TUMENTA Gerald N.
    April 3, 2014

    thanks for the write up for it is very comprehensive as concerns water governance especially in our Sub saharan Africa , where acess to protable water and Sanitation facilities is among the most prominent problems facing human development. here, more that haif of the population of this region lack access to portable water and sanitation facilites. as a student reading master in Environmental Engineering specialised in Water Facilities Management and Sanitation in Africa Towns.my major concern is on what can be done to encourage the development of indigenous techniques to improve water governance in this sub sub region. i also think that the integrated approach in water resource management is vital for our region, local authorities and communities are equally importants actors in considering the governance of water resource in this sub region .as we try to make this most precious liquid available to the common man in Africa , i would like to study more on issues concerning water Governance.
    i hope to read more from this blog more especially on the respond to the question i have post in my comment.



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