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Amu Darya Network: East-West Exchange for Central Asian Waters

The launch of a new Amu Darya River Basin Network implies an advance in the West-East exchange of expertise and experience in water management. At stake is an improvement of the water resource situation in Central Asia and Afghanistan. The network is an ambitious attempt to bring together virtually all visible scholars and key policy actors in the area of water resources of Central Asia and Afghanistan, and the network intends to create a platform for exchange of ideas, knowledge and building ties for possible future cooperation.

With a very well attended inaugural meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels in December 2010, the idea is to keep the network alive with regular telephone conferences, website updates and networking activities. The end goal of the network founders is to establish a Center of Research Excellence in Central Asia that would focus on water resources for research, postgraduate education and advocacy. The network is a very timely and welcomed development.  Read more here

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