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Partners in the European research project Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (or TRUST) are proud to announce the creation of a new blog, dubbed Water and the City. The blog’s purpose is to provide opportunities for the public and professionals to discuss the current condition and future of water services in our cities. Over the coming months it will address issues such as where our water comes from, how we use it, and how much it should cost. A new topic will be posted every month or so to encourage discussion, debate, and opinion. You can follow new posts (along with news from the rest of the TRUST project) on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The blog will help the TRUST project achieve its goal of developing tools, technologies, management options and guidelines to enable water utilities to face the challenges of the future, such as climate change, population growth and migration, increasing urbanisation and ageing infrastructure. In order to achieve that goal, 30 partners in eleven European countries are developing models and methods which, over the course of four years, will explain and explore the impact of different measures under real conditions. More information can be found on the TRUST web site.

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