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Lectures on water governance

One of the advantages of modern times is that one does not need to travel across the globe to be able to attend lectures by eminent scholars. An ever increasing number of universities and schools makes available part of their courses and lectures online. We selected three  lectures which  we found highly interesting and relevant for water governance. John P. Wargo, Professor of Environmental Risk Analysis and Policy and Professor of Political Science at the Yale School Forestry & Environmental Studies discusses the challenges of Managing Coastal Resources in an Era of Climate Change. Wargo  presents an overview of the legal and economic strategies to manage coastal development, looks at the conflict between property rights and efforts to protect coastal ecosystems, and discusses the role of insurance in high-risk coastal areas. These issues are illustrated by several case studies from the USA.

Elinor Ostrom, Distinguished Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington and
Nobel Memorial Prize Laureate in 2009 (Economic Sciences), gives an introduction to the concept of polycentric governance in her lecture ‘Beyond Markets and States: Polycentric Governance of Complex Economic Systems’. In her lecture she goes beyond the dichotomy of  “the market” and “the state”, and discusses more complex frameworks, theories, and models to understand the diversity of puzzles and problems facing humans interacting in contemporary societies.

David Booher, Senior Policy Advisor at the Center for Collaborative Policy, California State University, Sacramento, and Judith Innes, Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, gave a lecture  ‘Planning in a complex world’. They address contemporary challenges to the traditional institutions and practices of decision making and how to develop new concepts of governance to deal with collaboration and with the many voices and competing versions of reality that confront planners today. In their lecture they present various case studies of water resources management, such as the Sacramento water forum.


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