Vacancy: professor in water governance

UNESCO-IHE in Delft, the Netherlands is looking for candidates for a professorship in water governance. “The inaugural Professor of Water Governance will lead and strengthen the Water Governance Chair Group. The successful candidate will be competent in water governance in general, and be specifically qualified in the areas of local and regional water governance. He/she should be a highly qualified scientist, with field/practical experience, and have a clear and critical vision on the role of social sciences (anthropology, sociology, social geography or other relevant discipline) in water governance, and be able to strengthen the identity of a strongly committed team of junior and senior academics with different backgrounds. The successful candidate will also have to facilitate the acquisition of appropriate educational, capacity building and research projects in developing countries and countries in transition, in order to create critical mass in terms of faculty. He/she will contribute to education, research and capacity development projects within the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance, with other academic departments within the Institute and with partner institutions. He/she should be willing to work on interdisciplinary topics in multidisciplinary research groups comprising, among others, water engineers and aquatic ecologists”. More details can be found here.

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