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Why are some international River Basin Organizations more successful in sustainably governing shared watercourses than others?

Contribution by Susanne Schmeier – All over the world, international River Basin Organizations (RBOs) have been established by riparian states with the aim to more effectively and more sustainably govern and develop their shared water resources. However, as cursory evidence from around the world shows, their achievements in ensuring sustainability in the use of water resources …

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Interactive map with case studies on water

The Journal Water Alternatives has published in interesting interactive map which gives access to case studies on water management all over the globe. The journal also made available the table of contents of the first 15 issues on one page.

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Basins at risk – Assessing the likelihood of international river basin conflict or cooperation

Anna Kalbhenn and Thomas Bernauer have just published an open dataset on conflict and cooperation in international river basins, which can be found here. Based on this dataset multiple analyses are possible, including predictions of water conflict and cooperation. The developers of the database suggest  “Rapidly increasing water demand combined with supply constraints is widely believed …

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Water in the Anthropocene Conference

The Global Water System Project (GWSP) is organizing an international conference on ‘Water in the Anthropocene: Challenges for Science and Governance. Indicators, Thresholds and Uncertainties of the Global Water System’ to be held in Bonn, Germany on 21-24 May 2013.

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Personhood for a river in New Zealand

Text by Stephen Messenger -reposted from the Treehugger. From the dawn of history, and in cultures throughout the world, humans have been prone to imbue Earth’s life-giving rivers with qualities of life itself — a fitting tribute, no doubt, to the wellsprings upon which our past (and present) civilizations so heavily rely. But while modern thought …

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Sections on climate and water governance at ECPR general conference

The general conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), which will be organized in Bordeaux, 4-7 September 2013, has a promising program for those interested in climate and water governance. Katrien Termeer (Wageningen University, the Netherlands) and Joerg Knieling (HafenCity Universität Hamburg, Germany) will organize a Section on climate change governance (Section nr 07).They …

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Is process enough to make big, watery dreams come true? The example of CALFED in the U.S.

Contribution by Sara Hughes – NCAR (USA). There may be an unwritten rule in water governance: collaboration is key. We advocate collaboration between decision makers and stakeholders, between government departments with different responsibilities, and between actors at different scales. There are many cases that have been used to understand when and how such collaboration has …

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Corporate engagement with water, beyond the privatization debate

By Farhad Mukhtarov. Like it or not, there are strong private interests involved in managing water resources. Water is being bought and sold, in bottles and in concession contract for the right to supply drinking water. And often, it is the source of lucrative profits made from the sales of a resource that buyers may …

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Vacancy technical officer water and climate at Wetlands International

Wetlands International is a global, non-profit organisation dedicated solely to the work of wetlands conservation as a contribution to sustainable development. It describes itself as follows: “We aim for wetland conservation to maintain the key values of these areas: local livelihoods, climate regulation, water provision and biodiversity. The organisation has a core staff of around …

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Symposium on the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention – Dundee June 2012

Our colleagues at the IHP- HELP Centre for Water law, policy and science and WWF will co-organise a symposium on the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention. The aim of the symposium is to gather together a wide and diverse range of viewpoints from academia, government, international organisations, and civil society, to debate the existing and potential relevance of this …

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