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Evaluating (Climate) Policy – Reflexiveness?

Several meta trends that are currently going on in the water sector, specifically Integrated Water Resources Management and Adaptive Management, require much monitoring and learning. One way to advance such learning is through evaluation. But is evaluation meant for that? And does actual evaluation practice help achieve reflexiveness?  Dave Huitema and colleagues discuss theory and emerging practice of …

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Strategies for policy change in the IJsselmeer Area

Simon Verduijn’s PhD study focuses on the relationship between change agents (or policy entrepreneurs) and policy change over a few decades, and the strategies these change agents employ within the constraining and enabling institutional context of the IJsselmeer area. The field of interest is interdisciplinary in nature and the research is positioned on the interface …

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Special feature the public-private divide in flood management

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Paper on Western Scheldt

Sander Meijerink presents a paper Understanding across-coalition learning, which analyses long term policy change in the policy subsystem of the Western Scheldt, at the ACF-workshop, 20-12 September 2010, UC Davis, Davis, USA.

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Book on water transitions

Water Policy Entrepreneurs A Research Companion to Water Transitions around the Globe Editor(s): Dave Huitema and Sander Meijerink Publication Date: 22 Feb 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393153 Pages: 480 • Hardback

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Special feature water policy entrepreneurs

This special feature aims to further our understanding of the way in which transitions occur in water management. We contend that if we want to understand such transitions, we need to understand policy change and its opposite, policy stability. These issues have attracted considerable academic attention. Our interest is, however, very specific and thereby unique: …

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