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Basins at risk – Assessing the likelihood of international river basin conflict or cooperation

Anna Kalbhenn and Thomas Bernauer have just published an open dataset on conflict and cooperation in international river basins, which can be found here. Based on this dataset multiple analyses are possible, including predictions of water conflict and cooperation. The developers of the database suggest  “Rapidly increasing water demand combined with supply constraints is widely believed …

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The wisdom of the crowds? Water awareness in the European Union

An interesting survey by TNS Political and Social for the European Commission amongst more than 25,000 Europeans was completed recently. It shows large differences in awareness of water issues between various national populations. Four out of ten Europeans think they are well or very well informed about water issues, but this percentage is significantly higher in Denmark …

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Lund conference on Earth System Governance

Several interesting papers on water governance were presented at the Lund conference on Earth System Governance. Charlotte de Bruyne and Itay Fischhendler presented the results of research on factors which may explain the adoption of conflict resolution mechanisms (CRM’s) in transboundary agreements.

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Vacancy: professor in water governance

UNESCO-IHE in Delft, the Netherlands is looking for candidates for a professorship in water governance. “The inaugural Professor of Water Governance will lead and strengthen the Water Governance Chair Group. The successful candidate will be competent in water governance in general, and be specifically qualified in the areas of local and regional water governance. He/she …

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Workshop on comparative water studies in London

The Centre for Water and Development  (SOAS, London UK), the Irrigation and Water Engineering group (Wageningen University NL) and the ZEF Center for Development Research (Bonn Germany) are organizing a workshop on comparative water studies in London, October 24 and 25 2011. Keynote speakers include James Wescoat (MIT USA) and Wendy Olsen (Manchester UK).

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Voluntary agreements in water: environmental benefits?

By Sara Hughes at NCAR and UCSB – It’s no secret that improving the environmental outcomes of water governance can be politically difficult to do; as a result we are continually searching for new policy tools that are able to solve problems and appease interests. Voluntary environmental programs (VEPs) have been growing in popularity in the …

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Periurban water security in South Asia

The South Asian Consortium for inter-disciplinary Water Resources Studies is currently engaged in  three year action research project studying periruban water security. The project is funded by the International Development Research Centre and project is carried out in four  South Asian locations; namely Hyderabad and Gurgaon (India), Khulna (Bangladesh) and Kathmandu (Nepal). The project seeks to examine how urbanization and …

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Recent advances in research on the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework

The Policy Studies Journal has published a special feature on the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework, which was developed by Elinor Ostrom. After the publication of the classic book ‘Governing the Commons’ in 1990, the IAD-framework was further developed at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University. A core feature …

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The Water Framework Directive in Spain – Limits to participation?

The Water Framework Directive is the flagship water legislation of the European Union. It is premised on several modern ideas on water governance, including the notion that water should be managed on the basin scale, that users must pay for their water, and that water decision must be taken in a participatory way. In a …

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The National Science Foundation – Research on Water Governance

The US based National Science Foundation is sponsoring a set of research projects on water governance. There is a strong emphasis on policy networks and social capital embedded in these networks. Many interesting publications have been posted, especially about the type of social capital that actors seek under different conditions. In some cases – when there’s a risk of defection of …

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