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Recent advances in research on the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework

The Policy Studies Journal has published a special feature on the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework, which was developed by Elinor Ostrom. After the publication of the classic book ‘Governing the Commons’ in 1990, the IAD-framework was further developed at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University. A core feature …

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The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database

According to latest insights there are 279 river basins across the globe which are shared by two or more countries. In spite of the urgent need for shared management of international rivers, there is en endless list of river disputes which deserve our attention. Navigation, water pollution, water allocation and flooding are the most common …

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The Water Framework Directive in Spain – Limits to participation?

The Water Framework Directive is the flagship water legislation of the European Union. It is premised on several modern ideas on water governance, including the notion that water should be managed on the basin scale, that users must pay for their water, and that water decision must be taken in a participatory way. In a …

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The National Science Foundation – Research on Water Governance

The US based National Science Foundation is sponsoring a set of research projects on water governance. There is a strong emphasis on policy networks and social capital embedded in these networks. Many interesting publications have been posted, especially about the type of social capital that actors seek under different conditions. In some cases – when there’s a risk of defection of …

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Adaptability: the role of uncertainty in the design of international water treaties

International water treaties are one way in which countries can manage uncertainty about their water future. But treaties usually only pertain to the behavior of other treaty parties, and tend to be based on the assumption that the future unfolds in a relatively static way. But what if unexpected natural developments such as those related to climate change imply a radically different future? Treaties must then be …

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Evaluating (Climate) Policy – Reflexiveness?

Several meta trends that are currently going on in the water sector, specifically Integrated Water Resources Management and Adaptive Management, require much monitoring and learning. One way to advance such learning is through evaluation. But is evaluation meant for that? And does actual evaluation practice help achieve reflexiveness?  Dave Huitema and colleagues discuss theory and emerging practice of …

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Paper on adaptive capacity of institutions

Gupta, J., K. Termeer, J. Klostermann, S. Meijerink, M. van den Brink, P. Jong, S. Nooteboom, E. Bergsma (2010); The adaptive capacity wheel: a method to assess the inherent characteristics of institutions to enable the adaptive capacity of society. Environmental Science & Policy 13(6), 459-471 Draft: draft_adaptive_capacity The published article in Environmental Science & Policy can be found here.

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Special feature the public-private divide in flood management

For table of contents, see: http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~db=all~content=g795445456

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Paper on Western Scheldt

Sander Meijerink presents a paper Understanding across-coalition learning, which analyses long term policy change in the policy subsystem of the Western Scheldt, at the ACF-workshop, 20-12 September 2010, UC Davis, Davis, USA.

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Book on water transitions

Water Policy Entrepreneurs A Research Companion to Water Transitions around the Globe Editor(s): Dave Huitema and Sander Meijerink Publication Date: 22 Feb 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393153 Pages: 480 • Hardback

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