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What kind of leadership do we need for climate change adaptation?

Sander Meijerink and Sabina Stiller just published a paper in Environment and Planning C which addresses the question what kind of leadership we need for climate adaptation. The paper explores the relevance of various leadership concepts for climate change adaptation. After defining four main leadership challenges which are derived from the key characteristics of climate adaptation …

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Why are some international River Basin Organizations more successful in sustainably governing shared watercourses than others?

Contribution by Susanne Schmeier – All over the world, international River Basin Organizations (RBOs) have been established by riparian states with the aim to more effectively and more sustainably govern and develop their shared water resources. However, as cursory evidence from around the world shows, their achievements in ensuring sustainability in the use of water resources …

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New issue Water Alternatives is out

The new issue of Water Alternatives has just come out. The issue includes an interesting article by Lilin Kerschbaumer and Konrad Ott on water ethis and water praxis in China’s Yellow River. The abstract reads as follows: “Sustainability of freshwater has become one of the most prominent issues in Chinese river basins. Recently, the Yellow …

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Basins at risk – Assessing the likelihood of international river basin conflict or cooperation

Anna Kalbhenn and Thomas Bernauer have just published an open dataset on conflict and cooperation in international river basins, which can be found here. Based on this dataset multiple analyses are possible, including predictions of water conflict and cooperation. The developers of the database suggest  “Rapidly increasing water demand combined with supply constraints is widely believed …

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New issue Water Alternatives is out – reflection on the water footprint

The new issue of Water Alternatives has come out, and the theme is “Open for business or opening Pandora’s Box? A constructive critique of corporate engagement in water policy”. You can read the full new issue here. Of interest for the readership of the Water Governance Blog is the article it contains by two WWF representatives on …

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Emerging scholars award

The Global Water Forum announces it’s Emerging Scholar Award. The organization writes: “This award is an opportunity for early-career scholars and practitioners working in water-related fields to publish a brief article that presents their research, projects, or opinions to a global audience”. Those interested can submit a 800-1,000 word article on water security, water economics, …

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The wisdom of the crowds? Water awareness in the European Union

An interesting survey by TNS Political and Social for the European Commission amongst more than 25,000 Europeans was completed recently. It shows large differences in awareness of water issues between various national populations. Four out of ten Europeans think they are well or very well informed about water issues, but this percentage is significantly higher in Denmark …

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Lund conference on Earth System Governance

Several interesting papers on water governance were presented at the Lund conference on Earth System Governance. Charlotte de Bruyne and Itay Fischhendler presented the results of research on factors which may explain the adoption of conflict resolution mechanisms (CRM’s) in transboundary agreements.

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Mainstreaming climate considerations in European river basins

Despite the fact that mainstreaming of climate change into existing European Uinion sectoral policies is a key aim, empirical knowledge of how it works in practice remains scarce. A just accepted article in Environment and Planning C by Stijn Brouwer, Tim Rayner and Dave Huitema explores to what degree climate considerations are taken into account …

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How neutral are river basin organizations?

By Sander Meijerink and Dave Huitema – In their book ‘Embracing watershed politics’, Schlager and Blomquist state  that: “For the last 25 years, prescriptions of the water policy literature have centered upon two themes. The first is that ‘the watershed’ is the appropriate scale for organizing water resource management […]. The second is that since …

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