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Movies on urban water

Delft University of Techynology organized an ‘Urban water movie contest’ past month. Participants had to compile a short movie presenting solutions to urban water problems. The winning movie ‘The forgotten cycle’  by Sahana Singh from Singapore is artistically great, and  basically argues that technologies to solve urban water issues are there, but political willingness to undertake action is lacking. The …

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Amu Darya Network: East-West Exchange for Central Asian Waters

The launch of a new Amu Darya River Basin Network implies an advance in the West-East exchange of expertise and experience in water management. At stake is an improvement of the water resource situation in Central Asia and Afghanistan. The network is an ambitious attempt to bring together virtually all visible scholars and key policy actors in the area …

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Strategies for policy change in the IJsselmeer Area

Simon Verduijn’s PhD study focuses on the relationship between change agents (or policy entrepreneurs) and policy change over a few decades, and the strategies these change agents employ within the constraining and enabling institutional context of the IJsselmeer area. The field of interest is interdisciplinary in nature and the research is positioned on the interface …

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Special feature water policy entrepreneurs

This special feature aims to further our understanding of the way in which transitions occur in water management. We contend that if we want to understand such transitions, we need to understand policy change and its opposite, policy stability. These issues have attracted considerable academic attention. Our interest is, however, very specific and thereby unique: …

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