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Scientists-poachers: are you one of them?

By Farhad Mukhtarov. Forgive a brief indulgence in personal anecdote, although exclusively for a purpose. I was interviewed for a job at a Dutch University some years ago, and since my PhD thesis had neo-Gramscian ideas, I was asked whether I was a neo-Gramscian. The intention was to indicate that there are a few like-minded …

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Frameworks and methods for water governance research: ESFconference results

Contribution by Katherine Daniell (The Australian National University) and Farhad Mukhtarov (VU University, Amsterdam). The research conference on “Water governance: meeting the challenges of global change” in Obergurgl, Austria took place from the 6-10 June, 2011 with funding from the European Science Foundation. The conference brought together about 50 researchers involved in water governance and …

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