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Climate Change Adaptation Leadership: An Art, a Craft or a Technique?

Contribution by Brad May – In her research on leadership in organizations, Patricia Pitcher speaks of the drama of leadership, its dreams realities and illusions [1].  In the unfolding of this drama, she identified three actor archetypes essential for success in any organization or team – the Artist, the Craftsman and the Technocrat.  At the annual …

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What kind of leadership do we need for climate change adaptation?

Sander Meijerink and Sabina Stiller just published a paper in Environment and Planning C which addresses the question what kind of leadership we need for climate adaptation. The paper explores the relevance of various leadership concepts for climate change adaptation. After defining four main leadership challenges which are derived from the key characteristics of climate adaptation …

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Scholarships in integrated water management (Australia)

The International WaterCentre’s Masters Scholarships are now open to study the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management in Australia in 2013. Using problem-based and experiential learning, IWC students create and implement integrated solutions to real-world water and climate change challenges. The degree is co-badged and co-delivered by four leading Australian universities: The University of Queensland, …

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Complexity leadership theory: a promising framework for adaptive water management

Water managers with an interest in leadership issues may find inspiration in an abundant literature on leadership concepts. He or she may read books on visionary, connective, integrative, collaborative and entrepreneurial leadership, on eco- and sustainability leadership and so on. One of the more recent and promising contributions to the leadership literature is Complexity Leadership …

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Water leaders: From research to action

Contribution by Andre Taylor, Leadership specialist, International WaterCentre In recent years, researchers have investigated the role of different types of water leader in driving processes of change. For example, Brown and Clarke1 identified the attributes of ‘champions’ who worked in a cross-sectoral network to collectively promote more sustainable forms of stormwater management in Melbourne. Taylor2 …

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