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The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database

According to latest insights there are 279 river basins across the globe which are shared by two or more countries. In spite of the urgent need for shared management of international rivers, there is en endless list of river disputes which deserve our attention. Navigation, water pollution, water allocation and flooding are the most common …

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Tuesday 22 March – World Water Day and Global Water Governance

Tuesday the 22nd of March is World Water Day. Perhaps a good day to reflect upon the goals we seek after in our efforts at water governance. Especially relevant is the impact of globalization. Like in other areas, such as climate change, we can observe how social-ecological systems becaome increasingl;y connected. This process connects local …

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Virtual water – what are the implications for governance?

The idea of virtual water has gained quite a bit of traction lately. Virtual water is defined by our colleagues at the virtual water site as part of the products and commodities that are being traded. It thus refers to  The virtual-water content of a product (a commodity, good or service) [which] is the volume of …

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Adaptability: the role of uncertainty in the design of international water treaties

International water treaties are one way in which countries can manage uncertainty about their water future. But treaties usually only pertain to the behavior of other treaty parties, and tend to be based on the assumption that the future unfolds in a relatively static way. But what if unexpected natural developments such as those related to climate change imply a radically different future? Treaties must then be …

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IASC Conference, Hyderabad, India, 10-14 January 2011

The 13th IASC International Conference was held in Hyderabad, India in mid January. It was my first time at such a big gathering of common pool resources community, and with over 500 participants and 11 parallel sessions, the conference, I must admit, has been much more than one could possibly digest. The relief was the …

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Lost in translation: how to study the travel of ideas in water sector?

“Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come”  (Victor Hugo) What happens when a policy idea becomes internationally popular? An idea that becomes a darling of international policy communities that propagate it and institute a system of reward and punishment around its application. And how then do we know …

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Special feature water policy entrepreneurs

This special feature aims to further our understanding of the way in which transitions occur in water management. We contend that if we want to understand such transitions, we need to understand policy change and its opposite, policy stability. These issues have attracted considerable academic attention. Our interest is, however, very specific and thereby unique: …

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