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Why are some international River Basin Organizations more successful in sustainably governing shared watercourses than others?

Contribution by Susanne Schmeier – All over the world, international River Basin Organizations (RBOs) have been established by riparian states with the aim to more effectively and more sustainably govern and develop their shared water resources. However, as cursory evidence from around the world shows, their achievements in ensuring sustainability in the use of water resources …

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Negotiating water

As many contributions to his blog have demonstrated, water is a hotly contested resource. In most cases of water resources management there are many parties involved, each having different problem perceptions, interests and preferences. Since hierarchical interventions are often impossible or considered ineffective,  many water governance scholars are interested in the question how to manage …

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The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database

According to latest insights there are 279 river basins across the globe which are shared by two or more countries. In spite of the urgent need for shared management of international rivers, there is en endless list of river disputes which deserve our attention. Navigation, water pollution, water allocation and flooding are the most common …

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