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Water management in Africa: call for abstracts

Climate variability, coupled with population growth, has a very high impact on water resources. Many African countries experience water stress or even water scarcity. As water availability constantly declines, partitioning of water for domestic consumption, agriculture and other forms of water use is becoming a subject of serious concern. Sound management of limited water resources is becoming increasingly important to help meet the challenge of a fast rising population and increasing demand for water and food. To identify scientific strategies and policy options for the future, the Network Water Management Issues in Africa of African Science Academies (NASAC) organizes the international conference Water Management Issues in Africa, which will take place on 29-31 March 2012 inĀ in Port Louis, Mauritius. More information in the Call for abstracts NASAC

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  1. Lugard Ogaro

    I am currently working on a PhD proposal, “Developing Participatory Institutional Partnership for Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services in Periurban Settlements of Hargeisa and Nairobi”. This topic might slightly change depending on my current background check. I am requesting you to critique this topic or you could share it with your colleagues to do the same. I am looking for scholarships to carry out this study. I am also interested in fellowships that last up to 3 months. Thank you, Lugard (lugardogaro2000@yahoo.com).

  2. Simon Verduijn

    Hi Ludgard,

    You may want to check this website and search google to find more information about scholorships:

    The concept of network governance may also be of interest to you: http://www.ruc.dk/forskning/forskningscentre/demnetgov/

    With Kind Regards,

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