New issue Water Alternatives is out

The new issue of Water Alternatives has just come out. The issue includes an interesting article by Lilin Kerschbaumer and Konrad Ott on water ethis and water praxis in China’s Yellow River. The abstract reads as follows: “Sustainability of freshwater has become one of the most prominent issues in Chinese river basins. Recently, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission adopted the approach of ‘Maintaining the Healthy Life of the Yellow River’ (HLR) as the top principle in its management scheme. We locate arguments by HLR advocates in an ecocentric line of reasoning within Environmental Ethics. In view of crucial problems of ecocentrism, we conclude that HLR might be better grounded in the paradigm of Strong Sustainability (StS). With the case of the Hetao Irrigation Area at the upstream of the Yellow River, we recommend a StS-scenario with suggestions for policy reforms”. Read the article (open access) here

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