Tool for climate adaptation policy-making

The European Commission presented “The European Climate Adaptation Platform”, an interactive web-based tool on adaptation to climate change. The European Climate Adaptation Platform is a publicly accessible, web-based platform, designed to support policy-makers at EU, national, regional and local levels in the development of climate change adaptation measures and policies. According to the European Commission adaptation means “anticipating the adverse effects of climate change and taking appropriate action to prevent or minimise the damage they can cause“.

It also states that to be able to take necessary decisions on how best to adapt, it is essential to have access to reliable data on the likely impact of climate change, the associated socio-economic aspects and the costs and benefits of various adaptation options. The Commission’s 2009 White Paper on Adaptation emphasised that the lack of knowledge is a major obstacle to the development of successful climate change adaptation responses.

CLIMATE-ADAPT (which is the website) aims to support the generation of the knowledge-base required to support the development of evidence-based adaptation policies in EU memberstates. More than 25 countries voluntarily submitted information on their national strategies and plans, assessments, climate services, and priority actions. The site features a continuously-updated database of adaptation strategies and actions at the transnational and country level. There are also case studies on initial adaptation actions at local and sub-national level.

This tool can be usefull for policy-makers orienting on European climate adaption projects, or for researchers starting to study climate adaptation policies. It is not an attempt to assess a country’s adaptive capacity or resilience regarding climate change. For more information of an example of such an attempt by social scientists, you can check an earlier post about a paper on “The adaptive capacity wheel: a method to assess the inherent characteristics of institutions to enable the adaptive capacity of society”, on this blog. The published article in Environmental Science & Policy can be found here.

While browsing the website make sure to check some videos on water management and climate change adaptation.


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