Workshop on comparative water studies in London

The Centre for Water and Development  (SOAS, London UK), the Irrigation and Water Engineering group (Wageningen University NL) and the ZEF Center for Development Research (Bonn Germany) are organizing a workshop on comparative water studies in London, October 24 and 25 2011. Keynote speakers include James Wescoat (MIT USA) and Wendy Olsen (Manchester UK). The organizers frame the goal of the workshop as follows: “Contemporary processes of globalisation and liberalisation in water resources management make international comparative research both interesting and necessary, to contribute to and critique the development of policy and theory. The tradition of comparative research in water studies needs to and can be re-invigorated with more systematic and rigorous comparative methodologies, by learning from recent developments in comparative method in the social sciences. This two-day workshop aims to bring together researchers actively engaged in and concretely planning comparative water studies, particularly those using small-N/medium-N (qualitative) comparative approaches. Two keynote lectures will start the workshop; the larger part is devoted to discussing participants’ research papers and research proposals on/with their comparative research designs and analysis. Geographically, the scope of the workshop is global, that is, not restricted to the global South or the global North, but exactly aiming at comparison across such binary divisions”. More information in the Announcement



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