New handbook on cross-border partnerships

Jan van der Molen and Hannah Ietswaard, two civil servants working at the Dutch Water Board Velt and Vecht, published a handbook on cross-border partnerships. In this handbook they combine the insights which they have gained during many years of involvement in cross-border projects with up to date theoretical knowledge on network management, change management, partnerships and  cross-border cooperation. Although the book has a much broader relevance, the book is particularly interesting to water managers as the authors largely draw on their experience with the cooperation between Dutch and German water management agencies on the management of the river Vecht. The handbook discusses several key-issues of cross-border cooperation, such as trust building and cross-cultural communication, and presents a model for developing cross-border partnerships. The forum invites others to join the discussion and to share their experience so as to further develop (applied)  theory on the management and organization of  cross-border partnerships.

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