Water in the Anthropocene Conference

The Global Water System Project (GWSP) is organizing an international conference on ‘Water in the Anthropocene: Challenges for Science and Governance. Indicators, Thresholds and Uncertainties of the Global Water System’ to be held in Bonn, Germany on 21-24 May 2013. Human activities impact the global water system and change the way water moves around the globe like never before. Thus, managing freshwater use wisely in the planetary water cycle has become a key challenge to reach global environmental sustainability. The focus of the conference is to address the global dimensions of water system changes due to anthropogenic as well as natural influences. Participants from all continents dealing with various water-related problems are invited to attend this conference.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Joseph AlcamoJohan Rockström, and Claudia Pahl-Wostl and the conference aims to ‘synthesize the major achievements in global water research within the last decade and mobilize the water community to collaborate on a joint vision of the future water world’.

The conference goals are to:
– bring together the practitioners, funders and users of research
– integrate disciplines and sectors for joint action towards sustainability
– innovate both scientific methods and the way of communicating the results

Abstracts for oral presentations and posters are to be submitted before 31 October 2012. The conference website is here.

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