What kind of leadership do we need for climate change adaptation?

Sander Meijerink and Sabina Stiller just published a paper in Environment and Planning C which addresses the question what kind of leadership we need for climate adaptation. The paper explores the relevance of various leadership concepts for climate change adaptation. After defining four main leadership challenges which are derived from the key characteristics of climate adaptation issues, a review of modern leadership theories addressing these challenges is presented. Based on this review, they develop an integrative framework for analyzing leadership for climate change adaptation. The framework is inspired by Complexity Leadership Theory, and distinguishes between various leadership functions which together contribute to climate change adaptation: the political-administrative, adaptive, enabling, connective and dissemination functions. Each function requires the execution of specific leadership tasks which can be performed by different types of leaders, such as positional leaders, ideational leaders, sponsors, boundary workers, policy entrepreneurs or champions. The framework can be used to analyze or monitor the emergence and realization of specific leadership functions, and to specify the need for strengthening particular functions in practices of climate adaptation.

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